Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Wild Edibles

The forest has come alive again here in SE Michigan. With record high temperatures in March and with relatively sunny weather there has been quite a bit of spring growth the last few weeks.

Here are some pics and notes on some of the wild edibles I've observed and gathered recently:

Leeks - a strong onion odor and taste, the bulbs are delicious

Dandelion -the greens are very bitter (and over rated)

Garlic Mustard - strong garlicy odor and somewhat bitter greens

Trout Lily- the greens are very bitter and have a terrible aftertaste, the bulbs are small and bland

Fiddleheads - ostrich fern fiddleheads: pleasant taste similar to asparagus

Birch sap - slightly sweet and refreshing

And there are still some "winter" edible that can be found:

Partridgeberry - berry and leaves have a very mild taste

Of course you should always be certain of what you are eating and consult a quality field guide.Gather and consume wild edibles at your own risk. Etc., etc. etc....


  1. Nice wild edibles. :) You guys are a bit ahead of us here in Finland. I think it will be another month or so before we have growth like that. Maybe 3 weeks.

    Have you ever eaten dandelion heads? Try picking the blooms, washing them, breading them like fried chicken and then frying them in a little oil. Delicious!

  2. Thanks for the comment and thanks for the tip on dandelion heads...I'll be sure to give that a try!