Sunday, February 13, 2011

Field Report: Sunday Daytrip

Deer superhighway!
Spent the afternoon in the woods today. The weather was great: sunny and hovering around 30 degrees. The snow was still quite deep despite the recent warming trend. I decided to cross a large field as a shortcut back to the car and my trip became a tough slog as the snow was crusty on top, mushy underneath, and knee-deep. The snowshoes in the car wouldn't likely be of much use though.

I explored two areas that I have not previously been in. The trip was quite productive: I found a great camp area near the river and I also discovered a great spot for a blind.

Cooking fire in the snow
I also took some time, as usual, to work on my fire skills. I have decided lately that fire skills are probably the most important skills to master and that is where I have been focusing. Fire provides many physical and psychological benefits: it is a means to purify water, to heat one's self and shelter, to cook food, and it even keeps away the boogie man. Additionally, many other skills are wrapped up in fire, including knife and hatchet skills. I have become more efficient at processing wood as of late and have grown to really appreciate a good hatchet. Currently I use a Gerber (Friskars) Camp Axe that is razor sharp and holds its edge well. The only weakness of the hatchet is the hollow nylon handle; I believe a good wood handle would feel and possibly perform better.Perhaps a near future purchase?

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